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How MTW Evaluates Outcomes

MTW uses Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) which is fully customizable performance management software by Social Solutions. 

Once hired, a new MTW youth completes a survey which assesses their status in the areas of education, employment and self-efficacy. During the course of their 6-12 months in the core program, youth complete a Monthly Outcomes Assessment each month to gather data on the youth’s progress through the model including quantitative data regarding levels of attendance, punctuality, engagement, professionalism, attendance and grades at school, as well as personal narrative on skills learned that month. 

The master assessment that is gathered at baseline is collected again at the completion of MTW and then every 6-months post-graduation until 2 years have passed.  Through this robust evaluation system, we engage our youth every step of the way to examine their own data to ensure they are making measurable progress toward outcomes.


The Need

All of the youth at MTW are 16-24 and have compounding risk factors and are in need of an empowering life experience to help them envision and equip themselves for their transition into a successful, meaningful, and self-sufficient adulthood.

  • 84% have recent or current involvement with the foster care system (Department of Children and Families) 
  • 54% have recent or current court involvement
  • Approximately 80% do not have their GED or H.S. Diploma and are either not pursuing it or struggling with school. All are behind academically with significant patterns of failing grades, absenteeism and lack of engagement in education. 


Our Impact

MTW is rigorous at collecting data while youth are in the core social enterprise and when they transition to the Graduate Program.  Two full years after exiting the core social enterprise program, with ongoing support from the MTW Graduate Program, our youth are achieving the following positive outcomes:

  • 83% of graduates have obtained their GED or diploma
  • 34% of graduates are enrolled in a post-secondary education program and 83% of graduates are productive and currently engaged in work and/or school  
  • While approximately 50% of youth come to MTW with court-involvement, this number drops to 28% when they leave the program and continues to drop to 10% within 24 months after the core program

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