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Empowering youth to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business

Meet Our Youth

At the core of MTW's activities is our Theory of Change, a focused, intentional model to support youth as they grow and progress toward the following goals:

Employment: stability, pay and growth

Education: attainment of HS diploma, GED and/or success in college

Self Efficacy: developing and managing action plans for self-suffciency

After completing the core social enterprise program youth transition into the Graduate Program, where they receive an additional 24 months of support and services, while they work towards achieving education, employment and self-efficacy goals. Services include: 

  • Additional training and case management support and pathways specific programming for education and employment goals
  • Opportunities to attend social and networking events with other members of the Alumni Association
  • Opportunities for leadership through the Alumni Advisory Board and representing MTW to the community
  • Semiannual data collection to ensure youth are on track to achieve positive outcomes


Question Zero!

Question Zero is the question that comes before all other questions:  What exactly are you trying to accomplish?  More Than Words is committed to our Question Zero of empowering youth to reach outcomes in education, employment and self-efficacy.  Each youth also has their own Question Zero that helps them have focus as they set goals for their futures!  Read on as our youth share their Question Zero!

Graduate Spotlight - Richard

Richard.jpg I learned how much work goes into running a store... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Linda

Linda.jpg Before MTW, I was searching for a job... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Francis

Francis.jpg Before MTW, I was getting in a lot of trouble... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Nicole

Nicole.jpg I'm back at MTW as the Development Assistant... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Kristin

Kristin.jpg I'm working at MTW again, but this time on staff... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Justin

Justin.jpg I worked at MTW for about six months... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Vince

Vince.jpg  Before MTW, I didn't know what to do with my life... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Cassandra

Cassandra.jpg  I'm in school at the Red Cross studying phlebotomy... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Ramon

Ramon.jpg  I'm in my 2nd year at Mass Bay Community College... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Rey

Rey.jpg I began working at City Year in August... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Charissa

Charissa.jpg  MTW has been the most successful time of my life... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Gordon

Gordon.jpg When I was at MTW, I learned how to be outgoing... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Stacey

I used to work at MTW as an associate and over time earned my way up to partner... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Dayala

Dayala.jpg  I worked at MTW back in 2008 for over a year... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Ieysha

Ieysha.png  As of now, I am attending Berkeley College... Read my story.

 Graduate Spotlight - Damien

img-About-Us-Alumni.jpg   I came to MTW to get help to be a better person and stay out of trouble. ... Read my story.

Graduate Spotlight - Rebecca

Daigle_090421-2634.jpg   I was referred to MTW by my DCF social worker and my Treatment Coordinator...Read My Story.

Graduate Spotlight - Tarnue

tarnue2.jpg   I was born in Liberia and came to the United States when I was 18 from a Ghana refugee camp with just my sister... Read my story.





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