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Question Zero - Alumni Spotlight


I came to MTW to get help to be a better person and stay out of trouble. My probation offi cer connected me with MTW. I wanted to be successful and have a nice apartment and a job. I had two promotions while at MTW, ended my terms of probation successfully, and started GED classes to try to get my diploma. I worked hard without any suspensions at MTW for over 9 months. I transitioned to work at Vinny Ts, but they closed down after two months, so I had to keep looking for jobs. Without a GED, it was hard to find work.

MTW continued to help me and connected me to an externship with Bentley University. I was a utility worker with Sodexco, the food service group. I pushed through it and proved that I’m a hard worker. I also made sure to get along with my coworkers. 

I am still working on my GED and I go to classes twice a week, because you need education to be successful in life. Before MTW, I could not really communicate well at all. MTW helped me become more talkative and learn how to interact with others and to be part of a team. I did the externship at Bentley for three months and then they offered me a full-time position as a utility worker. I am now employed, working on my GED and staying out of trouble. I am taking care of myself.

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